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"Here's How To START Making More Money From The Traffic You're Already Getting And STOP Leaving 80 Of Your Sales On The Table For Your Competitors To Claim!"
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August 15, 2010 - Sunday 2:44 PM


Excuse me for being blunt, but I'm known for telling it like it really is.

It doesn't matter if you're an affiliate seller or you're promoting your own products ....

If you're trying to build any type of Internet business, or even thinking about doing so, then these are some cold hard facts you need to hear.

90 of all people who set out to build an Internet business won't make a dime!

Of the 10 who do make some money - most of them will stagger along, making less than $200 a month for all their effort .... until they quit in frustration and resign themselves to punching someone else's timeclock for the rest of their lives.

But the saddest fact of all is this ....

It isn't their fault!

And if any of this is starting to sound familiar, then you really do need to read the rest of this webpage very carefully.

What I'm about to say next will probably p*** off a few self-proclaimed marketing gurus (I'm really good at doing that.)

So if you're doing your dead level best and you're still not making money on the Internet, then you need to hear this too.

The reason why it's not your fault is because you are being misinformed .... period.

You're being duped into believing that operating a successful Internet business depends on you having some "magical formula" or some bundle of arcane "secrets" that only this week's hot marketing guru seems to know.

And oh yes - those are the very same "secrets" he will be so happy to reveal .... if you'll just fork over next week's grocery money!

Now remember what I said at the top of this page ....

There are No Online Profit Secrets .... There are only Online Profit Systems.

And your own online profit system can be as simple as this ....

Step 1 - define a market and find a product to sell.

Step 2 - put a good salesletter on a website.

Step 3 - advertise the product and the website URL.

Step 4 - and FOLLOW UP with each prospect until they are ready to buy!

Now all those steps are important if you're planning to make website sales.

In fact, without any one of them, the online profit system doesn't work at all.

But which step do you think is most critical to making long term consistent profits?

If you said Step 4 .... then you win the prize!

(I'd send you a cigar, but that isn't socially correct anymore ;)

And why is Step 4 the most important?

Because no matter what you're selling, very few prospects will buy on their first visit to any website - even if they have a defined interest, desire, or need for the product.

Depending on whose stats you read - as many as 80 of all website visitors will pass on making a purchase the first time around.

Maybe they want to "think about it" for awhile.

Maybe they need to wait until payday.

Maybe they aren't [yet] sure of your business credibility.

There are lots of reasons why a prospect won't buy right off the bat.

But the point is .... you need remind them about your product .... about the benefits of owning it .... about the solutions it offers to pressing problems.

You need to consistently follow up by email with each prospect until their objections are overcome and until your reminder arrives at a time when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Okay .... maybe you already know that.

After all, the concept of improving sales by way of follow up marketing is not one of those million-dollar guru secrets!

But here's another cold hard fact .... are you ready for it?

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